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Thursday, 14 May 2009

William Winter

Hello, my name is William Winter and I'm a Libertas candidate for E. Midlands, UK, for the elections on June 4th. To help you make an informed decision in the ballot box, here's a bit about me.

While I am a committed European (I have lived in the Netherlands for 5 years and I speak both French and German, if badly) I am furious that 8 out of 10 new laws in Britain come from an unelected source in Brussels over whom we have no democratic control. After 1000 years building our democracy we now see our heritage being given away to these Brussels bureaucrats; it is time it stopped - and Libertas is the best chance, probably the only chance, of stopping the Lisbon Treaty and moving towards open, honest democracy.

I am NOT a politician; I am NOT a committee man! I am a retired company director who has spent his working life trying to achieve, to get things done. I have worked mainly in chemicals with 5 years running a factory and sales in northern Europe while living in Holland and later 10 years running a business making scientific instruments in the East End of London. I now live in Northamptonshire.

My priorities are to change the EU to a democracy; to fight secrecy and dishonesty; to fight European waste; to fight the mercenary money-grubbing fiddling of expenses; to fight for openness, honesty, accountability and less government from Brussels.
Curiously my priorities exactly match those of Libertas.

So do please vote for me, vote for Libertas on June 4th

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